How To Take Care of Cut Flowers

by Yacht Club

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Cody Boenig
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Cody Boenig I'm ray romano and I love this band
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released January 29, 2017

Guitar/Vocals: Chris Palmer
Bass/Vocals: Henry Mitchell
Drums: Brian Fay

Recording by Yacht Club and Zach Bloomstein
Mixing by Zach Bloomstein
Mastering by Zach Weeks



all rights reserved


Yacht Club Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: We Love You
Well alright, if you ask me if I'm fine, I'll say no

When you ask me if I'm fine, I'll say no

Don't ask me if I'm fine

And if you ask me

Do I want to stay inside, I'll say yes

So won't you ask me

If we can stay inside, cause I want to stay inside, so I'll say yes I'll say yes I'll say yes

You know I wanna quit my job

You know I'd rather stay in bed

And sleep forever

I think my dreams are better

And it goes on and on
Track Name: You Are Not Alone
You were growing in just fine
Before I met you
I changed a life that wasn’t mine
I'm only human
I was never taught a thing about cut flowers
Cause I tore you out by the roots, I was rough, I was wrong
I've destroyed something beautiful, I feel rough, I feel wrong

So now I can't repair what has been torn
I can't accept what I have done
I'll keep you in sunlight, and hope you grow
But I know that you won't, I've ruined your home

Who knows why you kept me around
I just felt sick, I felt stressed
You were all that I had left
Now my phone doesn't ring anymore
My phone doesn't ring anymore
Track Name: Everything is Going to Be Alright
I'm Boston, I'm cloudy
And he's California sunny
I'm wasted and he's funny
I guess I could brighten up
But the forecast calls for rain

And now I'm wondering, if I need you, half as much as I thought
It's been a year now, and I don't have to lie, I think I've got a much clearer view

I'm finding out I'm not in charge, of my money, my life, my job
So won't you come tell me, all your deepest, darkest dreams
I see what you mean
When you say that I'm not enough, it sounds like you are giving up
It's not enough
I'm giving up
Track Name: And So On
Flat broke with no time, like I knew I would be
Dirty clothes, and just as dumb as I thought I would be
I’ve cut some flowers in my time, they’re wilting
I’m no Morrissey, but I can yell if you’re yelling with me
I’m no Morrissey, but I can yell if you’re yelling with me

I’ve got three friends
they’re in my apartment
We’re going stir crazy
And so on, and so on
In the morning, not gonna know what hit me
I’m gonna be a lot more drunk than I know I should be


Another late night, another yelling fight
I’ve gotta get more sleep
And so on, and so on
Beer cans line this room as far as I can see
I’ve got this one night off, I’m gonna waste it